Amazon fulfillment/FBA PREP Service for Amazon

Here at PrepFBA prep center, we provide extensive services to our valued customers. Below you will find the range of FBA prep, pack and ship services we provide to simplify your Amazon sales as we have the facilities to take on the hard work and you just focus on your sales on Amazon. We make sure that your products’ packaging meets the rules set by Amazon FBA requirement when your products get to their warehouses for distribution. Furthermore PrepFBA provides quite a few services free of charge when you choose our basic FBA prep services.

Pre-Services/FBA PREP Service for Amazon

We offer what we name it Pre-Services free of charge for the shipments we receive to provide FBA prep Seevices at our prep center. These services include:

Recieve / Unload

- Receive and Unload: We receive and unload the truck loads and palettes carefully to our warehouse free of charge. However the container load will be charged.


- General Inspection: We do the general inspection of boxes when you do carton forwarding with us and also the general product inspection when you choose our prep services for free, which in this case includes all the products. However depending on the nature of the products, there will be a charge for more technical inspections and when it comes to unpacking the products or inspecting for scratches and broken pieces. Please contact us for the inspection service if you are unsure what type of inspections you get for free.

Base Services/FBA PREP Service for Amazon

These are the base FBA prep services you would need to receive if you are selliing on Amazon. There is a $1.00 charge per SKU if there are more than 20 SKUs in one shipment.

FNSKU labeling

- FNSKU labelling: This is the very basic and mostly used FBA prep service we provide, which basically we receive your products in bulk and since required by Amazon every item must have a unique FNSKU label to be identified in their warehouses. We unpack, repack every product into the package (re-box, Poly bag, Bobble wrap) which is specified by you, attach FNSKU label and send to Amazon according to your shipping plan.We provide this prep service at $.70 per item. This service is required when you are doing fulfilment by Amazon and not fulfilment by merchant.

FNSKU Attached

- FNSKU label or UPC label attached: We can still be at your service if your products already have FNSKU label or UPC label attached on them. Like our carton forwarding service, if you would like to have your different products sorted, repacked or to be sent out to different Amazon’s warehouses, we can do all of these for you. This service costs $0.40 per item


- Poly bag: In this service suffocation label is included. If your item has a poly bag with an opening greater than 5"1/4 then a suffocation label will be added to comply with Amazon's requirements. The cost of the service and the poly bag is $0.30 per item


- Re-box: For items to be packed in smaller boxes or to be bundled with other items. We charge this service at $2 per box


- Bobble wrap

Please note for the last three above services the charge of supply is different from the service. We charge a flat fee for the service and the supply will depend on the size of the box, poly bag or bobble wrap, according to your requirements. The cost of this service is $0.50 per item and it is different from the material cost


- Bundling: You will have this FBA prep service when you would like to pack multiple products from different boxes into one package. In this service we have one charge for the first 3 items at $1.60 and for additional items we have a small fee of $0.05. FNSKU label, Poly bag, “suffocation” label and “This is a Set” label are included in this service.


- Palletizing: We provide this service if you require your products to be palletised after they are processed by us for FBA at $20 per palette. Please note the palette cost $12 per palette will be added to the service.


- Additional labelling:  suffocation, extra label exp. Label/ logo We provide you with this service if you choose to have an extra label than the FNSKU label, such as your logo, production or expiration label, suffocation or other custom labels. “Suffocation” label is included in our bundling and poly bag services. “This is a Set” label is included in our bundling service. There is charge of $0.20 per label for this service


- Carton forwarding: This service comes very handy to you, when you want to send different products to different Amazon’s warehouses, where we receive your goods, sort them and send them to Amazon according to your plan. Please note that we do not unbox or carry out any other processes on your goods. This service is done at $3 per carton

Additional Services/FBA PREP Service for Amazon


- Photography: If you need a photograph of your product for your Amazon listing, we can provide you with this service. Our photography service as part of our FBA prep services does not accommodate full model photos. Hand model photos which fulfil Amazon requirements, will be provided. We take the main photo at $15 and additional photos at $10 each. Please refer to Amazon website Product Image Requirements page for more information on this subject.


- Product description: When you need to put a description of the product for your customers in the box or a hang tag, we can do this for you. Please note that we charge a flat fee of $0.30 for insertion of the paper and the printing fee will depend on printing mode (black & white or color) and also the paper type you choose. Please contact us for the printing services to get the fees from our print shop.


- Storage: If you need storage for your products before you ship them to Amazon for FBA or anywhere else, we would like to have the pleasure to offer you our 10,000 sq.ft warehouse and the large loads will be handled by Fork-lift, to have your products stored at our prep center safe and sound at just $0.50 per ft3. Our terms and conditions will apply.

For the prices of our FBA prep services, please refer to our Price-list. we believe we can fulfil all your Amazon FBA PREP requirements , so you will get any type of prep, pack and ship service you are looking for your fulfilment by Amazon business.