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About FBA Prep Services

Here at PrepFBA prep center, we help you not only Build and Make your FBA Business more Efficient and make the FBA prep and ship process much easier for you but if you do FBM or sell on TikTok, Instagram, Walmart or even your own website we can help fulfill the orders you get

We almost take care of all the aspects of your Fulfilment By Amazon business including inspection, labelling and packing them into suitable packaging/ boxes according to Amazon requirements and shipping them according to your shipping plan. We offer complete solutions to FBA prep, pack and ship requirements as well as Amazon fulfilment by merchant (FBM) and any online platform or multi channel fulfilment service (pick & pack) at of course quite competitive prices. We also provide FBA prep service on vendor central as well as Seller Fulfilled Prime which in that case we provide storage of your goods and same day prep service.

just focus on selling more and more of your products on Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, Shopify, Instagram and your own website

MISSION: we do all the required operational FBA process including loading/ unloading the products carefully into our warehouse, sorting them and keep them safe there. After this according to the FBA prep specifications and of course your requirements and instructions, we carry out the prep services including FNSKU labelling, Bundling, Poly Bagging, Carton forwarding, etc. before we pack and ship your merchandise to Amazon warehouses according to your FBA shipping plan with 48 hours guaranteed turnaround time. We are here to make your Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) business more enjoyable and more profitable.
Further to the above, we are pleased to provide pick & pack fulfilment service for ecommerce multi channel fulfilment if you sell on Amazon FBM, Shopify, Walmart, TikTok and so on even on your own website.
When contacting us, you will get a response from our customer service within 24 hours.

So why not give our fulfilment and FBA prep Services a TRY!

No Middle man:
Our professional team of staff at PrepFBA will help you take care of all FBA prep work for your merchandise, pack & ship to Amazon warehouses with best quality of packing service at very cost effective prices. Since we run everything by ourselves and you will be dealing with us directly.
So if you are an Amazon FBA seller or you sell on TikTok, Walmart, Instagram or any other online stores and you are in need of an efficient FBA prep center or multi channel fulfilment service, we can help you prep, pack and ship your products to FBA centers or fulfill your orders with our pick & pack fulfilment service. Please refer to our Tutorial page and see how to setup user permission on your Amazon seller central account to grant us access to your account in order to provide our FBA prep services to you.
For our storage clients, we have recently launched an inventory management system where you can have the inventory report of your long term stored merchandise at PrepFBA warehouse along with other FBA prep services you choose.
To see all the prep service prices, please check out our price list page!

Simple Process: As explained above you just set up your seller central account with us and have your goods shipped to PrepFBA's warehouse to get it processed and ready to be shipped to Amazon. At this point we would simply need you to create the related shipping plan and send us the Work Order Form to tell us that your shipping plan is ready and put your order in the queue automatically for processing. You can also use this form to track your shipment when arriving at the warehouse by simply providing the tracking number(s) of your shipment(s).
As for ecommerce multi channel fulfilment service, we provide storage for your merchandize and simply need you to notify us about the orders you get by either setting up email notification system or google spread sheet and we will fulfil all the orders you get on any online platform sales channel such as Walmart, TikTok, Shopify, Etsy, etc.


Mostly used FBA services and Multi Channel Fulfilment (MCF) in brief

FNSKU Labelling

Receiving bulk shipments


General inspection

Applying FNSKU label and Shipping to FBA

Multipack/ Bundling

FNSKU labelling

Polybag and Poly bagging

Suffocation label

This is a set label and Shipping to FBA

Freight Forwarding

Shipping directly from China to PrepFBA

Sea and Air transportation

Two warehouses in China

Customs clearance

Pick & Pack fulfilment

Multi Channel Fulfilment (MCF)

Amazon FBM

Walmart, TikTok, Instagram, Shopify, Etsy, eBay

Orders on your own website

FNSKU/ UPC Attached

Receiving inventory in bulk

General inspection

Sorting and repacking into shipping box

Shipping to FBA

Storage/ Warehousing

Store your merchandize as long as you want

We receive FCL/LTL and loose cartons

Absolutely NO Receiving fee!

26,000 SqFt warehouse

Need to boost your online and Amazon sales

My Amazon Guy My Amazon Guy

Pallet Forwarding

Receiving LTL shipments

Receiving palletized shipments

Absolutely NO Receiving fee

Ship the pallet as is

LTL shipment to Amazon

To see the whole range of FBA/FBM and MCF prep services in details please visit the Services page


What we have created


Most popular FBA services price quote

FNSKU Labelling

$0.70 per Item

Multipack/ Bundling

$1.60 per Bundle

Carton Forwarding

$3.00 per Carton

FNSKU/ UPC Attached

$0.40 per Item


$50.00 Promotional rate@ $35 per pallet / month


$15.00 Main photo
$10.00 each additional photos

To see the full list of FBA/FBM and MCF prep services prices please visit the Price list page


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