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Amazon fulfillment | FBA prep and ship Services

Despite of many other prep centers and competitors, we have pretty straight forward pricing structure. We do not have minimum order, minimum charge, receiving charge, subscription fee, monthly fee or any other hidden fees so you would only pay for the prep services and materials you use with us in order to prep and pack your merchandise to FBA


Our Pre FBA prep services which of course are free of charge at our FBA prep center

Receive and Unload
We receive and unload the truck loads and pallets carefully to our warehouse free of charge. However the container load will be charged.

General Inspection
We do the general inspection of boxes when you do carton forwarding with us and also the general product inspection when you choose our prep services for free, which in this case includes all the products. However depending on the nature of the products, there will be a charge for more technical inspections and when it comes to unpacking the products or inspecting for scratches and broken pieces. Please contact us for the inspection service if you are unsure what type of inspections you get for free.

Base Services

Below you find our Wholesale pricing for our Base FBA prep services. In this category we offer very competitve prices to fulfil your FBA prep services requirments on Amazon. If the number of SKUs exeeds from 20 in one shipment, there will be a $1.50 charge per SKU.

For Non-Wholesale (less than 100 units per SKU) and Online Arbitrage (OA) orders $1.5 is added to FNSKU labeling, UPC/ FNSKU already attached, Poly bagging and Bundling/ Multipacking services. Also the processing time for these orders is once or twice a week.

FNSKU labelling


FNSKU label or UPC label attached

$0.40 per item

Poly bagging


This service includes the Poly bag, FNSKU and suffocation label

Bubble wrapping


This is the cost of the service and the cost of materials will be added.


$2.10 per box.

When an item requires to be repakced into a new box


$5 per box.

This is when the shipping carton needs to be changed.

Multipack / Bundling


This cost includes the first 3 items, FNSKU label, Poly bag, "Suffocation" label and "This is a set label". There is a $0.05 charge for any additional item to be added to the bundle pack in FBA bundling service.



Additional labelling


-Expiration label
-Product Logo label
-Any other additionallabels
-This is a set label (This label is already included in Bundle pack price)
-suffocation label (This label is already included in Poly Bags with opening greater than 5"1/4)

Carton forwarding


Pallet forwarding


Pick & Pack Fulfillment

$4.5/Fulfillment or $3.00/Item

-Seller Fulfilled Prime service
-Save time on sorting, pick & pack fulfillment orders
-Pack your items carfully and professionally
-Ship the order quicker
-Custom packaging
-Provide a better customer experience

There will be a $0.50 additional charge to the above FBA prep services for Oversized items. For Special oversized products, please contact us

Additional Services

It would be our pleasure to provide you with some additional FBA prep services you might require for your Amazon FBA fulfillment business.

20' Container


40' Container


Inspection fee



In this service, we can provide you with the product or bundle pictures which meet the Amazon FBA requirements as described in our Services page.

Main Photo


Additional Photo


Product description

You might want to add a product description in the package for your customers or a hang tag in order for your product to be or look more elegant. Our FBA prep center certainly can do this for you. Please note that the cost of printing is not included in the below price and the descriptions to be provided by you.

Product info Insertion fee


Hang tag Instalation fee


Storage on monthly basis

$50 per pallet

Storage Inventory Options

- Create inventory and report $1.50/ item
- Update inventory report $1.5 per outbound box

Cost of Materials and Supplies

In addition to our prep services, there is a flat fee for the materials and supplies which may be required for your FBA prep services.

Small Box


Medium Box


Large Box


Oversized Box


Small Bubble Wrap


Large Bubble Wrap


Extra Large Poly Bag




Please feel free to contact us at if you have a question about our FBA prep services and prices.

We are confident, you will have a great experience working with us and will enjoy the FBA prep services we offer to grow your Amazon FBA sales in the USA.


Note: ForFBA carton forwarding service, the carton is considered as an item and the measurements of the carton is taken into account as an item the same as above Amazon size tier for the item